Lunch Specials, Combination Dinners & Choices For The Whole Family

Luncheon Specials

Monday - Friday: 11:00 A.M. - 2:30 P.M.
Served with egg roll, fried rice, hot & sour, won ton or egg drop soup

Entree Selections:

L1. Chicken chow mein
L2. Moo goo gai pan
L3. Sweet & sour chicken
L4. Kung bo chicken
L5. Tiny spicy chicken
L6. Sweet & sour pork
L7. Pork with garlic sauce
L8. Twice cooked porky
L9. Family style pork
L10. Beef or chicken with broccoli
L11. Beef with green peppers
L12. Mongolian beef
L13. Shrimp with lobster sauce
L14. Kung bo shrimp
L15. Roast pork egg food young
L16. Roast pork or chicken lo mein
L17. House special noodle soup
L18. Almond chicken
L19. Vegetable delight
L20. Shrimp or chicken chop suey
L21. Sweet & sour shrimp
L22. Fish with vegetables
L23. Kan saw fish
L24. Sautéed chicken or beef szechwan style

Combination Dinner

Choice of soup of the day or salad. Served with ice tea or hot tea.

Sweet & sour pork
Chicken chow mein
Fried shrimp (1)
Fried Crabmeat
Won ton (2)
Roast pork fried rice
Mongolian beef
Chicken chow mein
Fried shrimp (1)
Fried crabmeat
Won ton (2)
Roast pork fried rice
Fried almond chicken
Sweet & sour shrimp
Egg roll (1)
Roast pork fried rice

Dinner Special

Choice of soup of the day or salad. Served with hot tea, egg roll, roast pork fried rice and your choice of one entrée, below:

1. Moo goo gai pan
2. Sweet & sour pork
3. Beef with green pepper
4. Shrimp with lobster sauce
5. Shrimp with garlic sauce
6. Tiny spicy chicken
7. Hunan beef
8. Shredded beef szechwan style
9. Fried chicken with almond
10. Mongolian park
Display of various sushi, shrimp & other selections on black tray Oriental platter with chopsticks

Sushi Bar- Largest Selection In Central Louisiana

Sushi Roll

SR1 Tuna roll
SR2 Salmon roll
SR3 Eel roll
SR4 California roll
SR5 Red dragon roll (tuna)
SR6 Spicy tuna roll
SR7 Spicy salmon roll
SR8 Futo maki roll
SR9 Shrimp tempura roll
SR10 Spider roll
SR11 Philadelphia roll
SR12 Crunch roll
SR13 Fuji maki
SR14 Fan ka zan roll (volcano roll)
SR15 Rainbow roll
SR16 Black dragon roll
SR17 Soybean rock 'n' roll
SR18 Caterpillar roll
SR19 Yama roll
SR20 Smoked salmon roll
SR21 Chef special roll
SR22 Snow crab roll
SR23 Spicy cucumber wrap roll
SR24 Wok special roll
SR25 Tiger eye roll
SR26 Hawaiian roll
SR27 Tsunami roll
SR28 Brick town
SR29 Crater roll
SR30 Teriyaki salmon roll
SR31 Golden dragon roll (salmon)

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